Minor Usability Things to Fix


  • Change the checked-in project CPU type to AnyCPU and not x86 to prevent BadImageFormat exceptions when running as x64
  • Update the /help documentation to show how to use functions (as the text "...cannot be a part of an expression" is misleading, as their arguments can be expressions)
  • Exception handling could be improved: the stack trace isn't needed for most ExpressionExceptions, maybe add a 'verbose' option?
  • Add in a special variable that returns the last answer, say 'ans' or 'ansN' where N is the id of the command to return the result of
  • /help should list all operations supported and a brief syntax guide, and fix the spacing between headers and content
  • Should results be indented? Exception reports are
  • Rename 'BiigMath.cs' back to 'BigMath.cs'